What’s the Difference Between a Sofa and a Sofa Bed?

It can be tough to make a choice of furniture, especially for those just settling into their new home.

The sofa is a legendary piece of furniture – not to be confused with a couch, that usually sits less than three people – but the choices are endless!

Today, we’ll focus on two categories – the simpleton sofa, and the generous sofa bed. Whichever will you choose? Read on for your one-and-only guide to the differences between sofas and sofa beds – then, take your pick!

What is the Sofa?

The sofa is a commonly known piece of furniture designed for several people to be able to sit at once, often made with soft material and armrests to provide ultimate comfort. Sometimes, it comes in a set of furniture, complete with chairs of a similar design, color, and coating material.


Sofas are mainly made of a wooden frame, panel elements (often produced from plywood), stuffing (foam rubber, fluff, and other materials of similar property), coating (fabric, leather) and modifications in which the sofa is made unique or to one’s taste. Some of the most common modifications happen to be sofa beds.

What is the Sofa Bed?

This type of furniture as a whole has all the properties that characterize sofas, both in terms of design and in terms of use.

Yet, there is one particular specialty about sofa beds that attract many: it is designed to accommodate several people. Not only for sitting, but also lying down – most often used for sleeping.

They are oftentimes made of two separate pieces that can be folded or drawn into each other to create a one-piece. Not only does this save space, but money too, as you are only paying for a single piece of furniture, rather than two completely different sets.

Sofa beds can be both single and double, and the differences are pretty obvious due to their names. Single sofa beds are alike to single beds, meant to fit one person, while double sofa beds are alike to queen-sized beds, as they are meant to accommodate two (or more, depending on the size of the person) people.

3 Main Differences Between Sofa and Sofa Beds?

1. Material

Whilst the difference in material is usually quite similar, there is a stark difference in comfortability and preference. Sofas, as mentioned earlier, are meant to accommodate a sitting fellow, rather than a sleeping one.

Therefore, sofas are usually made with a slightly tougher material, so as to keep the person’s sitting position comfortable and pain-free. If a sofa is made too comfortable, its user might have a hard time keeping awake or have neck/back pains due to the pressure added to their spine when bent the wrong way.

Sofa beds, on the other hand, are meant primarily for both sleeping and sitting. When buying a sofa bed of quality measure, you can be almost perfectly sure that its mattress is made to allow you to sink in and enjoy a deep night’s sleep, or maybe even have a Netflix marathon – right in the middle of the living room!

The difference is pretty evident, but do remember to check the mattress in-store to ensure you are getting the right material for your own needs, especially for the lower-priced products.

2. Price

Ah, one of the most important factors when buying a sofa (or sofa bed!), the price.

You see, the magical thing about sofa beds is that they not only come in all shapes and sizes – but at a small cost, too.

While it depends on the company and producer, as well as the comforter and cushion used, the price for a good sofa bed is almost always a little higher than that of a sofa, but you are still saving quite a lot in comparison to buying a whole separate bed.

Sure, there are a few that are more expensive than others, but you really don’t have to shell out if you don’t have the means to do so. A simple Google search can provide you with many options for both sofas and sofa beds, and adding the word ‘budget’ will surely provide you with many lists from folks like you who happen to be interested in such furniture.

If you are looking for a cheap and good sofa or sofa bed, I recommend this seller. They are not only selling a single sofa/sofa bed but also providing customized ones. You could design it with your own idea.

Just remember, expensive doesn’t always mean better. Always look for the reviews.

3. Usage

Last but not least, usage.

The main difference between a sofa and a sofa bed is that the first type of furniture is designed primarily to accommodate people sitting, and the second can be transformed (or initially look accordingly) so that people can also lie and sleep on it.

The sofa bed combines the features of a sofa in terms of design, the beds in terms of size and purpose. That is, when folded, it can be comparable in size to a bed of the same category (for example, a single bed), when unfolded – it will almost certainly correspond to this category of furniture or even exceed it in size. An ordinary sofa, as a rule, is smaller than the average bed, even when deployed (whether capable of folding or not).

The design of the sofa bed is generally equivalent to that of an ordinary sofa, but it, of course, provides more usage and bang-for-a-buck.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Sofa Bed

1. Budget-Friendly

If you haven’t noticed already, the sofa beds are awesome. Not only are they spacious, yet space-saving, they are also great for those wanting to live comfortably on a tight budget.

The same price you might pay for a sofa, you get two (or three) – and you don’t even need to spend the extra cash to get a bed since it’s already made to be one!

This is perfect for college students, and anyone else that is interested in living in a straightforward and easy way. It’s simple, affordable and…

2. It Takes Up Very Little Space

For those of you living in your tiny apartments, or simply wishing to have more room for other things (another sofa bed?), this is the most perfect choice. You can calmly store some of your things in the storage space, very common in many sofa beds, and you don’t have to worry about running out of space, especially when living in a studio or single-room.

Stress no more about not having space for your cat’s home, stereo speakers, or whatever else you might need, as you won’t need the extra space for a bed whatsoever. Instead, may I recommend creating a spacious place for yourself?

3. An Extra Sleeping Space is Always Welcome!

Whether you live with a significant other, a parent or whatnot, sometimes we are faced with a situation where it’s best to sleep elsewhere, and I’m not talking about the floor.

Save yourself from potentially catching a cold and pull out the extra mattress in your sofa bed – voila! A comfortable, sound place to sleep with no interruptions from whoever you might be potentially hiding from.

Some Common Sofas/Sofa beds You Could Add to Your Wish List

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Final Thoughts

Word of advice: as magical as sofa beds may be, they do not currently come with an invisibility cloak, so whoever you are hiding from is still very capable of seeing you in the morning.