Using Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets to Design Sustainable Buildings

For more than four decades, various project applications have used Multiwall Polycarbonate. This material has been used on verandas, greenhouses, sheds, skylights, roofs, and clads.

Nowadays, many industrial structures are developed with this material, as it provides a wide variety of benefits. In addition to its environmental quality care, Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets are renowned for its impact resistance, durability, and flawless installation.

These types of polycarbonate sheets are widely used in Buildings: four-wall panels, twin-wall panels, and honeycomb panels.

Most Commonly used in Buildings

Better Impact Resistance

Impact Resistance + Soundproof

Glass-Like Insulation Properties Without High Costs

There are intrinsic and high thermal insulation elements in Multiwall polycarbonate, which helps retain heat within a building. The material’s anti-heat properties enhance functionality by efficiently regulating the building’s energy during cold seasons. This is achievable by minimizing the loss of heat outside the structure.

In summer months, heat inputs (air conditioning included) should be limited within the building, too. With basic panels, the thermal coefficient insulation of Multiwall polycarbonate is capable of reaching as far down as 1W/m2K.

It can go further by combining double skin system panels (using airspace in-between the polycarbonate sheets’ cellular properties). Also, total façades are inexpensive because of Multiwall’s polycarbonate’s affordability.

Integration Optimization for Every Architectural Project

Multiwall panels can be customized with a variety of different colors, varieties, and finishes (for instance, opal, frosted, or translucent).

It is easy to integrate polycarbonate with existing industrial building materials, as well as use them as interior decor.

Furthermore, its cold flexibility aids the panels in accommodating certain requirements. This compound makes it feasible to improve the value of every architectural design. It truly makes roofing look like a fifth façade.

twin-wall polycarbonate used in cold weather

Materials That Are Environmentally Friendly

Because panels are able to be trimmed to any kind of length (when the process of production is taking place), off-cut waste created on the installation site is reduced.

Also, panels made of Multiwall polycarbonate can be produced with both recycled and virgin materials (although recycled materials must originate from industry waste exclusively).

Because of its intrinsic elements, polycarbonate material is sustainable and has minimal effect on our environment. Best of all, it can be fully recycled when its lifespan is over.