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Shenzhen Guan Yijia Technology Co., Ltd is a professional industrial ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer in China. For 10 years, we have been supplying various benchtop ultrasonic cleaner for commercial use.


Anonkia is our product brand name, it belongs to the company of Shenzhen Guan Yijia Technology Co., Ltd.

We supply OEM custom industrial ultrasonic cleaning tank for industrial parts cleaning. OEM with your LOGO is available.

We have already established a professional ultrasonic cleaners production line. With special accessories workshop, processing workshop, assembly workshop, testing workshop, etc. For both benchtop ultrasonic bath and industrial ultrasonic cleaner.

We are always designing and manufacturing a new style for perfect cleaning. We are committed to building long-term cooperation with our clients by meeting the requirements for further developing and serving the local market. Welcome your inquiries at any time!

Small Order Quantity OEM

For better developing your market at your end, OEM makes your brand name and LOGO is available.

Even 1 sets can be made with your LOGOs. The sizes, volumes, ultrasonic power, and frequency also can be custom made according to buyer’s requirements.

Fast Delivery

We always have a small number of ultrasonic cleaners in stock, the goods can be delivered in 3 days after payment. For large order quantity, the delivery time is 15-20 days after payment.

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