Longkou Runjie Machinery Co., Ltd

Longkou Runjie Machinery Co., Ltd, also known as Runjie Machinery, is a manufacturer of EPS machines and different shape molding machines for over 18 years. Our advantage is that we not only make the machines but also specialized in making the products. We have rich experience in both machinery and production, and we know customers’desires.

Our machines are mainly used for packing and construction purposes. Most of our products are green and environment-friendly, some of our customers using our machines even gained national rewards for their products.

We have a team of professional engineers who engage in machine development, manufacturing and installation so that we can give our customers services from factory layout design to machine installation as well as after-sale service.

As we make products, we can find out the machine problems and then improve it at any time. Therefore, our machines always work stably and have few problems.

We also offer the best after-sale service. Whenever the customers have any problems, we can support them online, or if necessary, to send engineers to go to the customer’s place. Besides, whenever we have new techniques, we will inform our customers for them to upgrade their products.

During the last 10 years, our machines have been exported to many countries around the world and received customers’ praise worldwide.

We are now looking for agents around the world if you have the interest, welcome to contact us.

In this way, we can find out what problems our machines have during the production then we improve our machines according to that. For example, for our EPS concrete wall panel line, we specially designed the mixer.

It is enough for 20 molds so that our customers don’t need to change the line when they increase the capacity in the future.

We also designed the mold which we can drive it like driving a car. It is much safer and easier than a pulling machine like what other companies are using.

We have ready machines in the factory. If the customers need testing, we can test it immediately.

We make full-scale related products for our customers. You don’t need to go from one factory to another to choose. We have engineers who can offer you the best solution for your project.

Our eps machine makes blocks for wall and roof insulation, which have a good insulation function. It can save a lot of energy and is one of the best insulation materials in the world now.

The eps waste, no matter the waste during production or the waste we can collect from the community, we can crush them to make eps concrete wall panels. For pulp molding machine, we can re-use a lot of paper and carton waste. Using our machine can help to make the world a better place for people to live.

In case our customers have some problems which they can’t solve, we offer the timely after-sale service.

We can make a video call online to offer technical support. We can even assign engineers to go to customers’ factory if necessary.

We are manufacturers with many necessary and advanced processing equipments. We can offer you the best quality machine at the best price.

EPS Machines

Main factory: High-tech Industrial Zone Longkou City Shandong Province, China

Branch Factory: Industrial Zone, Xinji City, Hebei Province, China

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