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Sanheng Cable established in 2001, is an ISO9001 certified standard manufacturer, focusing on the production of wires and cables. Our cable products have passed CCC, CE, ISO, and other certifications.

We provide more than 2,000 products that are competitive in both quality and price. The cables we produced are mainly used in urban power transmission, construction site development, airport construction projects, fixed laying power transmission, industrial equipment connection, signal transmission, and other fields.

  • We have been in the cable industry for 19 years.
  • We have professional production workshops and production equipment. Modern inspection equipment.
  • We have a team including research, design, production, sales, and service.
  • We mainly produce power cables and can provide you with what kind of cables you need.
  • Professional engineers and design teams can produce different cables according to different national standards.

We are at the stage of accelerated development. We will further strengthen pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale services based on the quality of our products. We will expand the scale of production around the global market demand, develop products that meet the local market and embark on high-tech.

Henan Sanheng Industrial Co., Ltd., also known as Sanheng Cable, is a leading manufacturer and manufacturer of cable industry with 20 years of production and manufacturing experience.

Our company has more than 60 sets of production testing equipment and can produce more than 100 kinds of wires and cables, more than 2,000 models.

Our products can be used in power transmission, information transmission, control systems, including overhead bare wires, PVC power cables, rubber cables, overhead insulated cables, control cables, building wires, and fixed wiring.

Sanheng Cable specializes in the professional manufacturer of wire and cable. The factory has semi-automatic and fully automatic production equipment, and the production speed is fast.

We have a team of professional engineers who design and customize wire and cable for different purposes. Maximize customer satisfaction.

We also have a professional sales team, the most timely quotation, and service.

We can also provide free samples. And the minimum order quantity.

In the past ten years, our cables have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world. It has been well received by customers around the world.

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