175L Industrial Degreasing Tank Ultrasonic Parts Degreaser Machine

Model: K1042

175L Medium Size & Customize Support

This is a 200L industrial ultrasonic washing machine which is designed for industrial use, it is an ideal industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner which is suitable for a long-time running, any sizes and volumes can be customized.

ModelVolumeSonic PowerHeating PowerTank Size (MM)MOQ
Volume175 Liters
Ultrasonic Power2100W (5-100% power adjustable)
Frequency40KHz or 28KHz
Heating Power6000W (AC380-400V, 3phases)
Internal Tank Size700x500x500MM (SUS304 Stainless Steel Tank)
Overall Size920x720x720MM
Timer settings1-9999 seconds or long hours running
Temperature Settings0-100℃ adjustable
Sonic Input VoltageAC 220-240V, 50Hz
Features5-100% power-adjustable; Automatic sweep frequency function
AccessoriesStainless steel cleaning basket; Drainage; Lid; Power lines
175 Liters Ultrasonic Washing Machine
175 Liters Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Customized Model Support:

ModelVolumeSonic PowerHeating PowerTank Size (mm)

Model K1048 Features:

  • Suitable for a long time and continuously running for more than 24 hours.
  • High-grade stainless steel structure both for housing and ultrasonic cleaning bath.
  • Industrial Grade Transducer creates strong ultrasonic vibrating mechanical energy.
  • Independent Ultrasonic Generator makes industrial cleaning stable and effective.
  • Professional mesh cleaning basket makes cleaning effective and easy.
  • Drains with flow control valve for easy cleaning and rinsing.

For automotive

Automotive parts cleaner for carburetors, engine parts, injectors, diesel filters cleaning in car workshops and industry.

For electronics workshops

For cleaning electric shaver heads, razor blades, pen-heads, printer-heads, inkjet cartridges.

  • Commercial use for eyeglasses, watches, jewelry cleaning in shops.
  • Medical use for dental clinics, dentures, and medical instruments cleaning.
  • Scientific research areas for degassing in the laboratory, cleaning lab equipment such as tubes, instruments.
  • Automotive parts cleaning for fuel injector, diesel particulate filter (DPF), engine parts, and carburetor.
  • Industrial degreasing in a factory, PCB board and metal parts for dust, wax and oil removing.
How Does An Ultrasonic Cleaner Work?

Here is the explanation of how does an ultrasonic cleaner works: The first thing we have to know is that the ultrasonic cleaner is a kind of vibration cleaning equipment. The principle is the cavitation effect. High-frequency ultrasonic wave vibration signals in the fluid caused the cavitation effect. Which occurs in the ultrasonic bath with a stainless steel tank. When the machine is working, it forms a large number of microscopic bubbles and it implodes violently. This process creates an intense scrubbing action on the surface of the item.

Since the bubbles are very small. It can even penetrate microscopic crevices of the items with complicated structure. Compared with many other cleaning methods. Ultrasonic cleaning is much more effective. Especially for removing dirt and grime. Which requires tedious manual cleaning by hand. Cleaning items without damage to delicate parts. This is how does the ultrasonic cleaner works.

How to make a large Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner?

An industrial ultrasonic cleaner consists of a large ultrasonic cleaning tank and generator. So, there are three main sectors for making an industrial ultrasonic cleaner.

First, custom make an ultrasonic cleaning tank
This is an ultrasonic water bath for holding the cleaning items. We have to make sure the right sizes of the item in advance. So that the tank capacity is large enough to hold the cleaning objects. Cut the steel plate in the right sizes and melt an ultrasonic water tank by hand.

Second, install the transducers and heaters
After the works of custom making the stainless steel ultrasonic cleaner tank. The next work is installing transducers and heater at the bottom and the sides of it.

Third, assemble the ultrasonic generator
The transducers are the parts which convert the electric energy into vibrational energy. But how to make it occur? That is the ultrasonic generator.

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