Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Cable(ACSR)

Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Cable(ACSR)

ACSR cable is a steel core aluminum stranded wire. It is twisted by aluminum wire and steel wire, suitable for AC overhead transmission lines.

Aluminium-conductor steel-reinforced cable. Used as exposed overhead transmission conductors as well as primary and secondary power distribution conductors and communication supports. ACSR provides the best strength for circuit design. The variable steel stranding achieves the required strength without sacrificing the ampacity.

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nameAluminium-conductor steel-reinforced cable
internalSteel core
conductorAluminum conductor
Cross-sectional areaAluminum conductor(10-800mm²)
Steel core(2-100mm²)
weight42.9-2991 kg/km
Outer diameter4.5-38.98 mm

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What is ACSR?

ACSR cable is a steel core aluminum stranded wire with simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low line cost, large transmission capacity, and favorable for laying across special geographical conditions such as rivers and valleys.

Why ACSR is used in the transmission line?

Aluminum is having sufficient conductivity. More ever it is light in weight. Which results in low conductor weight and less sag. The only limitation is its low tensile strength. To overcome this limitation steel core is used for increasing the tensile strength of aluminum conductor such as in ACSR (Aluminum conductor steel reinforced) conductor.

What are the advantages of ACSR?

Conductor ACSR improves high-temperature performance. Steel has good strength and can withstand the greater weight. Therefore, compared with other conductors, steel core aluminum stranded wire has a greater bearing capacity. We can produce aluminum conductor steel with a larger cross-section. It can increase the carrying capacity. At the same time, reinforced aluminum conductor steel has high heat resistance and high electrical conductivity. It can not only improve the safety performance of operating equipment but also reduce power loss. If you use ACSR, you can reduce costs and increase effectiveness.