SK-E500 Cardiovascular Health Check Station

SK-E500 Health Checkup Station

E500 is an integrated kiosk for a general health check, it can measure arteriosclerosis, body composition percentage, body temperature, blood oxygen, ECG, blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, blood lipid, etc.

PaymentT/T, Western Union, Paypal
Product OriginAnhui, China
Shipping PortShenzhen
Lead Time15-30 days after payment received
certificatesCE/ EC/IEC/ISO9000

E500 is a health check-up station, which can use 4G/wireless/wired data network to transmit health management clinical data.

E500 is a health check-up kiosk that can assess an individual’s chronic disease risk online, and users can view diagnostic reports in a variety of ways.

Module NumberSK-E500(SONKA Medical)
DimensionsPackage dimensions: 480*360*220mm
Gross weight:8.2kg Net weight:4.8kg
Product dimensions:410*258*142mm
Identification loginLogin methodsAny type of reader can be integrated,this is customized modification
Psychological evaluationCustomized functionSymptom checking list 90 questionnaire list with evaluation report
Vision, teeth, WHRManual input results, could be customized
Height & Weight ScaleModule numberNeed to connect with L08 Height weight scale
Probe typeUltrasonic probe
Height range70.0~210cm
Weight range5~200kg
Weight accuracy±0.1kg
Height accuracy±0.5cm
Blood pressure unitRangePressure: 0-299mmHg/0-39.9Kpa
Pulse: 40 -180 times/min
accuracyPressure: < ±3mmHg(±0.5Kpd),Pulse: ±5%
Working temperature & humidity+10℃~+40℃, 30%RH~85%RH
Transportation/Storage temperature & humidity-20℃~+55℃, <93%RH
Operating atmospheric pressure80kpa~106kpa
Cuff circumstance15cm~42cm
Power supplyFrom control board
Blood oxygen probeSensorDual-wavelength LED
Wave lengthGlow: 663nm Infrared: 890nm
Max. Light output power<2mW
AccuracyDifference at ±2% within 70%-100%
Pulse rate error30-250bpm, error is ±2bpm or ±2%, take bigger value
Working temperature5℃-40℃
Relative humidity15%-95%(non condensation)
Atmosphere pressure70kpa-106kpa
Power supplyFrom control board
Forehead infrared radiation thermometerTest methodInfrared wireless hand-held temperature gun
Accuracy0.1 ℃
Operation & storage temperature10~40℃, 0~50℃
Operation & storage humidity≤85%
Power supplyFrom control board
Human temperature range32.0~42.5℃
Power consumption≤120mw
Detection distance5 to 8 cm
Auto-offafter 8 seconds
Blood glucose, uric acid, total cholesterol analyzerSpecimenFinger tip capillary whole blood
Specimen voulumnBlood glucose: 0.9uL, Total cholesterol: 10uL, Uric acid: 1uL
Measurement period10s (Blood glucose), 26s(Cholesterol), 15s(Uric acid)
RangeBlood glucose: 1.1-33.3mmol/L(20-600mg/dL)
Uric acid: 0.18-1.19mmol/L(3-20mg/dL)
Cholesterol: 2.59-10.35mmol/L(100-400mg/dL)
Accuracy: Blood glucose“When result is less than 4.2mmol/L the difference is within ±0.83mmol/L when result is more than 4.2mmol/L the difference is ±20%”
Accuracy: Uric acid(0.18mmol/L—1.19mmol/L), coefficient of variation value is within ±10%, measurement result’s difference between reference result is within ±20%
Accuracy: Total Cholesterol(2.59mmol/L—10.35mmol/L),coefficient of variation value is within±15%, measurement result’s difference between reference result is within±20%
Hemoglobin testerSpecimenFinger tip capillary whole blood
Test time8 seconds
21-78% Hct(calculation value)
Storage transportation temperature10℃-30℃(50℉-86℉)
Test temperature10℃-40℃(50℉-104℉)
Storage transportation humidity10%-90%
Memory180 groups
Tester dimensionL 77*W 61*H 19mm
Altitude limit<10000 feet(3048m)
Urine testerCommunicationBlue tooth
TheoryLight reflection colorimetric method
Speed60 samples/hour, highest 300 samples/hour
Buttons5 key capacitive touching screen
PowerDC 5V,1A
Power adaptorAC100-240V,50/60HZ
DimensionsL 110mm*W 68mm*T 27mm
Power consumption2W
Life time5 years
“Test categories 11 (categories)”“LEU–Leukocyte BLD–Occult blood NIT–Nitrite KET–Ketone body UBG–Urobilinogen BIL–Bilirubin PRO–Protein GLU–Glucose pH–pH value VC–Vitamine C SG–Specific gravity “
ECGPower input protectionPrevent tremor
Leads12 leads or 6 leads
Analogue/Digit convert12 bit (precision)
Time constant≥3.2s
Frequency response0.05Hz~150Hz(-3dB)
Calibration voltage1mV±3%
Sensitivity2.5, 5, 10, 20(mm/mV)
Input impedance≥50MΩ
Input loop current<0.05uA
Noise level<15uVp-p
Baseline adjustmentAutomatic
Patient leakage current<10uA(220V-240V)
Patient auxiliary current<0.1uA(DC)
FilteringEMG(Electromyography) filtering
Baseline filtering
AC filter
Common mode rejection ratio100dB
Rhythmic leadRandom choose
Safety standardIEC II/CF
Ultrasonic probe for AbdomenOperating system and applicationAndroid smart phone (SAMSUNG S8, HUAWEI MATE 10) / Windows tablet, computer, laptop
Advantageslow power consumption, which can connected to android smart phone
Scanning modeelectric convex
Display modeB, B/B, B/M, 4B
Gray scale256
Scanning depthmaximum 240mm
TGC8TGC adjustments
Cine loop512 frames
Gain0-100dB adjustable
Central frequency3.5MHz(2.5-4.5MHz)
Probe portUSB
Image conversionleft/right, up/down
ApplicationOB/GYN, Urology, Abdomen, Emergency, and ICU
Net weight0.2KG
Ultrasound scan for superficial tissuesOperating system and applicationAndroid smart phone (SAMSUNG S8, HUAWEI MATE 10) / Windows tablet, computer, laptop
Advantageslow power consumption, which can connected to android smart phone
Scanning modeelectric linear
Display modeB, B/B, B/M, 4B
Gray scale256
Scanning depth30-120mm
TGC8TGC adjustments
Cine loop512 frames
Gain0-100dB adjustable
Central frequency7.5MHz(5-10MHz)
Probe portUSB
Image conversionleft/right, up/down
ApplicationShallow application, ultrasound-guided percutaneous drainage Small parts, such as thyroid, joint, blood vessel and so on
Net weight0.2KG
Touch screenSize10.1 inches
Origin of coordinateRight downside
Rohs standardCompliance
HW ratio16:10 (width: height)
Pixel layoutRGB vertical layout
Dot pitch0.0565*0.1695mm (horizontal*vertical)
Pixel spacing0.1695*0.1695mm (horizontal*vertical)
Display area216.96*135.60mm (horizontal*vertical)
Visible area216.66*138.60mm (horizontal*vertical)
Dimension227.42*147.69mm (horizontal*vertical)
Mother boardCPURK3288 4 cores Cortex-A17, 1.8G Hz
GPUMail-T764, Support TE,ASTC,AFBC
SDRAMDDR3 2G(could change to 4G)
FLASHEMMC FLASH 8GB/16G/32G, Support SATA disc, TF card Max. at 32G
OSAndroid 5.1
Display interface“1 x HDMI 2.0 , Support 4K@60 frames output 1 x MIPI, 1 x EDP, 2 x LVDS LCD interfaces”
Camera interface“1 x DVP camera(Max. 5Mpixel) 1 x MIPI-CSI camera (Max.13Mpixel )”
Touch screen“I2C interface(Multi point resistance touch,Multi point capacitance touch). Support USBMulti point infrared touch,Multi point nano film touch, Multi point acoustic touch,Multi point optical touch”
CommunicationRJ45, 100M/1000M ethernet port
WIFI, support 2.4G/5G WIFI, support WI-FI802.11 a/b/g/n protocol
Bluetooth V2.1+EDR/Bluetooth 3.0/3.0+HS/4.0
Bluetooth V2.1+EDR/Bluetooth 3.0/3.0+HS/4.0
Interfaces4 channel serial ports,support serial port with flow control
4 channel I2C interfaces
2 x USB2.0 HOST,1 x USB2.0 OTG
1 channel SPI interface
1 channel I2S interface
1 channel ADC interface
1 channel SDIO output
3 keypads self programmed
Real-time clockInbuilt real-time clock, support timing ON-OFF tablet
WatchdogSupport software, hardware watchdog
VideoSupport H264,VP8,MAV,WMV,AVS,263,MPEG4 with 1080P
Printer“Printer 1: 58mm width ticket print, for text result(come with standard package) Printer 2: A4 printer, for ECG and Ultrosound image result(Seperate package)”
Power supplyNoiseTypical 35dB
Voltage range100~240Vac
Frequency47~63Hz, typical 50Hz
Output voltage12.6Vdc
Output power25.2W

The health checkup station provides a fast physical examination method. People don’t have to go to the hospital to queue up. Health checkup stations can provide the detection of height and weight BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood fat. Through the simple operation, an accurate and comprehensive physical examination report can be quickly obtained.

  • Log in: ID card, QR code (Suitable for patient’s waist belt with Barcode/QR code log in)
  • Blood lipid test: High-density lipoprotein, low-density lipoprotein, Triglyceride
  • Blood sugar: Before meal or after meal test
  • Easy installation
  • Software development kits are provided

This health checkup station is suitable for state hospitals, county hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, etc.

Can we change to another blood pressure monitor, such as Omron or AND?

Yes, our machine supports the most popular modules on market, Omron 9020, TM2655P, etc.

Can I change the Language of the device and printed results from English to Arabic?

Yes, it can be converted into Arabic.

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