Cement Swivel

Best Cement Swivel in China

Cement Swivel is a cementing tool that provides a means to introduce cement below the top drive and provides the option to rotate the casing string during cementing if desired. It allows the cement to be pumped in through one, or both, of its dual side-entry ports and offers a stable pressure rating.

It uses non- welded joints and robust seal design. It has long wear life and reduced maintenance requirements due in part to its self-cleaning internal geometry.



Maximum tension charge350 ton
Maximum working pressure6500 psi
The torque of the tool32 000 lb-pie
Pumping rate15 bpm (2”)
Swivel Weight816lb
Top connection4 1/2” IF BOX
Bottom connection4 1/2” IF PIN

Working Pressure

  1. During the sand washing operation, it does not rotate and the working pressure is 35MPa;
  2. During the flushing operation, the rotation speed can reach 40RPM and the working pressure is 35MPa.

Erosion resistance:

  1. On-site use of 10% quartz sand fracturing fluid: 2.2m3 / min, displacement flushing 15h;
  2. The entire working time of pumping the fracturing fluid is not less than 120h.
  • Compatible with casing running tools and Plug Launcher for increased cementing efficiency;
  • Circumvents need to pump cement through top drive eliminating the risk of cement set in the top drive components;
  • Rotation and reciprocation of casing string improve integrity of cement jobs;
  • Able to pump cement through one or both inlets if high pressure is not required;
  • Robust seal design offers a long wear life and reduced maintenance requirement.

Cement Swivel is rigged up with the casing running equipment between the top drive and the automated casing running tool. This combination of equipment allows you to immediately transition to cementing once the casing string has been landed; moreover, it enables the casing to be rotated and reciprocated while cementing which has proven to significantly improve cement bond and well integrity.

What size the cementing swivel you made?

–4 1/2″ ,5″

What is the max pressure ?

10000 PSI.

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