Curved Tension Fabric Display 6ft-12ft

Multi-size / 6ft-12ft(even bigger) / Graphic Design / Customizable

Curved tension fabric displays are easily transported and are known for their easy assembly, lightweight, and affordable replacement graphics. It is a trend for the trade show.

  • Hardware Price: USD $57 – $80
  • Structure: Aluminum
  • Graphic: Tension fabric
  • Add-on: Storage Case
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal
  • Design: Depends on requirement
  • Delivery: 1 – 7 days
  • MOQ: 1 Piece

Price List

SizeWidth (cm)Height (cm)Structure PriceSingle Side DesignDouble Side Design
1244228$57 – $80$72 – $135$91 – $169
4Customize GET A QUOTE


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Straight Tension Fabric Display Assembly Instructions

You could download the instruction PDF here.
Note: No tools required. Assembly is the same for all sizes of straight tension fabric displays

  1. Lay pieces out, matching up stickers

    If you are not a building person, it’s better to lay everything out.Lay pieces out, matching up stickers

  2. Assemble the bungee poles

    Make sure the sticker number matches.Assemble the bungee poles

  3. Assemble the frame

    Assemble the frame by connecting the center support and all perimeter pieces of the frame.Assemble the frame

  4. Set up the fabric

    Slide the fabric graphic over the frame. Pull the graphic area with the zipper head around the corner of the frame. Zip up the graphic.Set up the fabric

  5. Attach the feet

    Attach the feet and stand the display up. Note: Feet should align to the outer edge of the frame.Attach the feet

  6. Clamp optional Led light to the top frame

    *It is easier to do this before standing the display up.Clamp optional Led light to the top frame