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PET bottle is a kind of bottle made of plastic PET material. They are usually used as product packaging bottles.

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ProductMaterialApplicationOEM service
PET juice packaging bottlePETFor juiceyes
PET plastic test tube bottlePETFor candy, test tube, chemical liquid, lab useyes
PET bath products bottlePETFor lotion, shampoo, and more bath productsyes
PET mouthwash packaging bottlePETFor mouthwash packaging, more personal care productsyes

Food grade

Our PET bottles are made of 100% virgin PET material. food grade, BPA free, non-toxic, no-harmful, they are the first choice for many packaging bottles, especially in food, beverage and personal care packaging.


The natural color of PET bottle is clear. Its finish is glossy and smooth, not only it can completely show the shape and color of the content, but also we can see the content level though the bottle wall, measure and control the capacity of the content.

Highly malleable

PET bottle is highly malleable and can be made into various shapes, wide mouth or narrow mouth, tall or shallow, small or big, regular shape or unique design. In all plastic bottles, its design is the most abundant. If you want to customize the special-shaped bottle, it should be your first choice.


PET bottles are widely used in food, beverage, personal care and other packaging industries due to their advantages. It has a broader application prospect in the future.

For juice packaging

The clear PET bottle can well show the charming color of the fruit juice, making it look more flavorful and attractive, such as golden orange juice, green healthy kiwi juice, red pitaya fruit juice, purple grape juice, blue blueberry juice, milky white milk, And a wide variety of fruit juices. When these strong colors come into the eyes of consumers, the next step is to pay for them.

For food packaging

Similarly, PET bottles can show the attractive colors of food. They are perfect packaging for cute candy and delicious biscuit, when they are displayed in beautiful showcase, the children must be attracted to them.

For personal care packaging

High quality PET bottle has a glass-like high-end sense, but at the same time it has the advantage that glass bottle does not have, shatterproof and unbreakable. They are highly malleable so they can be made into variety of designs, now there are so many kinds of PET cosmetic bottles on the market. They are ideal for cosmetic, lotion cream, personal care, skincare, shampoo and other bath products.

Are PET bottle safe?

Yes! PET bottle is a first-class eco-friendly material. Its eco-friendly symbol is #1. This mean it can be used for food packaging industry, at least for now, it has no effect on the human body. Therefore, it can also be surely used in other packaging industries.

Can PET bottles be recycled?

Yes! They are not plastic waste, which can be recycled so as not to pollute the environment. Remember to send them to the professional recycle organization after using it.

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