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Best Plastic Squeeze Bottles in China

A squeeze bottle is a type of container such as a plastic bottle for dispensing a fluid, that is powered by squeezing the container by exerting pressure with the user’s hand.

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LDPE sauce squeeze bottleLDPE150ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml, 540ml, 700ml, 1000mlslightly glossySmall tip top
PET honey squeeze bottlePET250ml,500mlglossyHoney flip top
PET squeeze bottlePET250ml,300mlClear, glossyTwist cap, small tip top
Mini 30ml HDPE squeeze bottleHDPE30mlblack, mattTwist cap, small tip top
Mini water enhancer bottleHDPE40ml,50ml,60mlmattFlip-top cap with silicone inner plug
Soft squeeze tube bottlePECustomized sizeglossyScrewcap, flip top cap, push-and-pull cap

Food grade

We have a lot of squeeze bottles, which are made of PET, LDPE, HDPE and PE material. They are all 100% virgin material, featured by food grade, BPA free, non-toxic and no-harmful, very suitable for food industry.

Soft & squeezable

Our squeeze bottle is designed to be soft in material and shape, they can usually be squeezed with one hand, so that you can squeeze out the item of the bottle and drizzle or drop on your culinary food at will.


The squeeze bottle not only can be used in the food industry such as sauce and flavor, but also in the chemical and personal care industries. They can even be used for any liquids when matching suitable closure.

For sauce packaging

No kitchen is complete without multi-purpose squeeze bottle. Use them to pack food coloring, cream and caramel to write on your cake, cookies, pastry, and ice yogurt desserts, they will be great decorating tools. And store hot sauce, ketchup, chili sauce, condiment, oil, syrup and honey, they will add flavor to your food and make them look more colored and delicious when needed.

These squeeze sauce bottles can be matched with twist top and small tip top to form seal, and keep raw material fresh and prevent overflow. They’re everywhere in the cake shop, the salad shop, the snack bar and dessert shop.

LDPE squeeze bottles are variety of size, wide range from 150ml to 1 liter. PET ketchup bottle and PET honey bottle is also good helper for your kitchen.

For flavor sweetener

This mini squeeze bottle is perfectly packed with your concentrate, flavor, and sweetener, which can be easily and neatly placed in your wallet, handbag, and backpack. You can squeeze water enhancer to mix your boring water for refreshment.

For arts & crafts

The small squeeze bottle is great for arts & crafts, glue, paint, dye, glitter, henna, ink even use in tool room. It can be made in natural translucent color, so you can see the content level in the bottle, convenient to measure and control it.

For lotion

Would you like to try to pack lotion with a squeeze bottle? Try it! Maybe it’s a creative and great packaging idea! Imagine how attractive it is to consumers when squeeze shampoo or conditioner from a standard sauce bottle!

Of course, you can also use a commonly squeeze tube bottle to package your lotion.

What is squeeze bottle?

“A squeeze bottle is a type of container such as a plastic bottle for dispensing a fluid, which is powered by squeezing the container by exerting pressure with the user’s hand.”(from wikipedia)
Generally speaking, the squeeze bottle needs to conform to these two points, 1, the main body is soft, can be squeezed by hand, 2, the internal liquid can be squeezed out. Since sauce bottles have always been designed as LDPE soft squeeze bottles, so many times a squeeze bottle is a sauce bottle.

What do you use squeeze bottles for?

We have made 13 interesting usages for you, 11 of which come from this article:
1. Creative lotion squeeze bottle
2. Sealed honey syrup dispenser
3. No-Drip Oil Container for Cooking
4. Squeeze Bottle Pancakes
5. A Squeeze Bottle Baster
6. Adding Embellishments to Plates
7. Organizing your Refrigerator
8. Storing Homemade Condiments
9. Decorating Cakes & Cookies
10. Air to Clean Out Your Keyboard
11. Using Soaps, Detergent, and Ingredients Bought in Bulk
12. Storing Paint
13. Squeeze Bottles Games for Kids

Do you customize unique sauce bottles?

Yes! In addition to LDPE squeeze bottle, other materials like PET, HDPE and PP can also be customized to squeeze bottles. Here are some special unique sauce bottles for your reference, which are customized by us for our clients. They are creative fire hydrant sauce bottle and stupa-shaped seasoning bottle.

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