EPS 2D/3D/4D CNC cutting machine

EPS 2D/3D/4D CNC cutting machine

EPS cutting machine is used to cut eps blocks into different shapes of products. It includes mainly 4 kinds: Normal, 2D, 3D and 4D type.

Normal Cutting machine

This kind of cutting machine is to cut eps blocks into pieces. It has vertical cutting and horizontal cutting. The cutting device is hot wire.

Max Product size2000x1300x1000mm3000x1250x1250mm4000x1250x1250mm6000x1250x1250mm8000x1250x1250mm
Transformer Capacity10kVA10kVA10kVA10kVA10kVA
Connected Load11.55kW11.55kW11.55kW11.55kW11.55kW

2D Cutting machine

This is also hot wire cutting machine. But the machine is connected with a computer so it can cut some simple drawings such as eps products for decoration.

Max Product Size3000x1500x1250mm
Heating Wire Material⌀0.4G20Ni80
Heating Wire Diameter0.4-0.8mm
Heating Wire Quantity1-20
Step Motor Torque18N.m
Installed Power5kW
Cutting Speed0-2m/min
Cutting Transformer Capacity3kVA

EPS 3D cutting machine

This also uses hot wire for cutting but it adopts 3D cutting method so it can cut more complicated designs. However, this machine can’t cut all shapes of eps products.

4D Carving Machine

Model20-50 Foam Carving Machine
Table StructureSteel, tempering treatment
Moving orbit20 square rails
Driving Type AX-axis & Y-axis Helical Rack drive
Driving Type BZ-Axis Screw Drive
Repositioning Accuracy+ 0.05mm
Max Speed without working15000mm/min
Max Working Speed6-8m/min
DriverServo Motor
Motor Power850W
Command CodeG Code
Control SystemDSP 4-Axis System
Working VoltageAccording to requirement
Main Axis Power5.5kW (special axis for foam)

We have 2D, 3D, 4D CNC cutting machines as well as normal cutting machines which can meet all customers’ requirement.

Normal cutting machines is used to cut blocks into pieces. It can cut horizontally and vertically.

2D CNC cutting machine is used to cut simple shapes such as those eps parts for decorations.

3D CNC cutting machine can cut more complicated shapes but 4D cutting machine can cut all shapes such as animals, statues, products for lost foam processing, etc.

EPS cutting machine can cut many different shapes of eps products which can be used for construction decoration, statues, etc.

The figures in the following photos are also made by EPS 4D cutting machine, it is widely used in many places:

Normal Cutting

2D Cutting

3D Cutting

4D Cutting

EPE cutting machine is used to cut eps blocks into different shapes of products. There are 2D cutting machine, 3D cutting machine, 4D cutting machine as well as normal cutting machine.

Normal cutting machine can only cut blocks vertically and horizontally. If the blocks are used for wall insulation purpose, the normal cutting machine is enough.

If you need some shapes, for example, for some decoration purposes, you may need to use 2D or 3D cutting machine.

If you want to cut very complicated products such as the statues in the park, you have to use 4D cutting machine.

Normal, 2D, and 3D cutting machines all use hot wire cutting while 4D cutting machine uses cutting knives, we can also call it CNC router. It can not only cut eps products, but also carve bamboo, wood, stone, etc.

EPS products is white, but after we carve the EPS products, we can paint on them with different colors as demand.

For building decoration, we can also use cement to coat on it.

Runjie Machinery (Longkou Runjie Machinery Co., Ltd) is a manufacturer of EPS machine and different shape molding machines for over 18 years.

Our advantage is that we not only make the machines, but also make the products, so we have rich experience in this field.

Our machines are mainly used for packing and construction purposes. Most of our products are green and environment friendly, some of our customers using our machines even gained national rewards for their products.

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