EPS 3D panel machine

EPS 3D wall panel machine

EPS 3D panel machine is to weld eps with wire mesh together to get wall panels. As the panels are normally big size but lightweight (3000×600×100/120/150mm), they can be installed easily and quickly.

After the panels are installed, concrete can be poured onto the surface of the panels to form strong, heat insulation walls.

As a new type of building material, eps 3d panels are now popular in many countries. They are especially suitable for low-story buildings or villas. They can also be used for post-disaster reconstruction.

Mould Size1400×1200mm1600×1350mm1750×1450mm1800×1600mm2050×1800mm
Max Product Size1200×1000×330mm1400×1100×330mm1550×1250×330mm1610×1400×330mm1850×1600×330mm
Rear Window Size1300×1080mm1450×1150mm1600×1250mm1680×1440mm1920×1640mm
Mould Opening Distance270-1420mm270-1420mm270-1420mm270-1370mm290-1290mm
Steam InletDN80DN80DN80DN100DN125
Cooling Water InletDN80DN80DN80DN80DN80
Compressed Air InletDN65DN65DN65DN65DN65
Vacuum pump capacity230³/h280³/h280³/h280³/h280³/h
Compressed Air Consumption1.8m³/cycle2m³/cycle2m³/cycle2.2m³/cycle2.5m³/cycle
Cooling Water Consumption50-150kg/cycle55-180kg/cycle60-190kg/cycle80-200kg/cycle90-210kg/cycle
Cycle Time60-150 seconds100-180 seconds100-180 seconds120-190 seconds130-210 seconds
Installed Power14.1kW16.1kW16.1kW19.6kW19.6kW
Overall Weight5000kg5800kg6200kg6500kg7000kg

EPS 3d panel machine has a PLC control system. It uses a pneumatic motor or steps motor as the power. Its advantages are as the following:

High automatic degree

The machine is controlled by computer. It has three ways of working: inching, single-step, automation. The high degree of automation can shorten the working time and improve work efficiency. It is also convenient for maintaining.

The property of the electron component is stable

It adopts good-quality pneumatic components and Mitsubishi Siemens PLC (according to the customer’s requirement) and has good performance. It is easy to operate and repair.

High output

Its yearly output can reach 200,000 square meters.

Excellent quality

The gap between the wire mesh and the EPS block is uniformity and regular. And it has an accurate size and good plainness.


The pulling-out force of the welding pot is stronger than 400N.

EPS 3D panel machine is to weld eps with wire mesh together to get wall panels. After the panels are installed, the concrete can be poured onto the surface of the panels to form strong, heat insulation walls.

The buyer just needs to prepare an air compressor and an air tank, then it is enough for the machine to work.

We prepare all the other necessary parts for welding the panel.

Runjie Machinery (Longkou Runjie Machinery Co., Ltd) is a manufacturer of EPS machines and different shape molding machines for over 18 years.

Our advantage is that we not only make the machines but also make the products, so we have rich experience in this field.

Our machines are mainly used for packing and construction purposes. Most of our products are green and environment-friendly, some of our customers using our machines even gained national rewards for their products.

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