EPS block molding machine

EPS block molding machine

EPS block molding machine is used to make the expanded eps beads into big piece blocks.

The sizes of block can be different according to your requirement. We also have adjustable size block machines for sale.

There are some other machine sizes. Please inform us which size you want to make, then we can customize it.

Mould Cavity Size2040x1020x630mm3060x1240x630mm4080x1240x630mm6080x1240x630mm8100x1240x630mm
Block Size2000x1000x600mm3000x1200x600mm4000x1200x600mm6000x1200x600mm8000x1200x600mm
Density Range5-40kg/m35-40kg/m35-40kg/m35-40kg/m35-40kg/m3
Capacity A5kg/m3: ≈ 14pcs/ h5kg/m3: ≈ 12 pcs/ h5kg/m3: ≈ 12pcs/h5kg/m3: ≈ 12 pcs/h5kg/m3: ≈ 12 pcs/h
Capacity B15kg/m3: ≈ 6pcs/ h15kg/m3: ≈ 5pcs/ h15kg/m3: ≈ 5pcs/h15kg/m3: ≈ 5pcs/h15kg/m3: ≈5pcs/h
Steam Pressure0.6-0.8Mpa0.6-0.8Mpa0.6-0.8Mpa0.6-0.8Mpa0.6-0.8Mpa
Steam Consumption18-25kg/cycle25-35kg/cycle40-50kg/cycle55-65kg/cycle79-95kg/cycle
Steam Inlet DNDN80DN80DN100DN150DN150
Compressed Air Consumption1-1.2m³/cycle1.2-1.6m³/cycle1.6-2m³/cycle2-2.2m³/cycle2.2m³/cycle
Compressed Air Inlet DNDN40DN40DN50DN50DN80
Drainage VentDN100DN150DN150DN150DN150
Power Consumption12kW15kW18kW21kW25kW
Overall Weight3500kg5000kg6500kg9000kg12000kg
  • The eps block molding machine adopts PLC programmable controller and touch screen control, and the electrical appliances adopt advanced imported equipment
  • The eps block molding machine is made of high-quality square tube and steel plate. Each template is heat treated. After assembly, the deformation is small, the strength is good, and it is durable.
  • The eps block molding machine adopts international advanced heating technology and pipeline layout.

    At the same time, we combined the advantages of the domestic block molding machines and it has a unique design structure, which greatly improves the efficiency.

    It is in the leading position of domestic block molding machines, and it is an ideal high-efficiency production equipment.
  • The cooling pipeline is reasonable, the cooling is fast, the output is high, and it takes only 3-4 minutes to produce a light board.
  • The control instruments, electric and pneumatic elements and various valves and other matching parts used by the machine are all high-quality famous-brand products at home and abroad.
  • The eps block molding machine adopts centralized control of hydraulic station, hydraulic door opening system, hydraulic ejection and automatic locking mechanism, thus ensuring stable operation and reliable performance of the machine.
  • It adopts two kinds of feeding methods: automatic pneumatic and fan feeding, which has low air-cooling cost and saves energy.

EPS block molding machines can be used for making eps blocks for wall insulation or roof insulation purpose:

It can also be welded with wire mesh to make 3D panels for houses:

EPS blocks can also be used for the decoration part of building after cutting:

Block molding machine is used to make eps beads into a big piece of eps blocks with the help of steam.

After the expander expands the eps material, the expanded beads have to stay in the silo for some time.

Then they can be put into the eps block molding machine. There are a lot of air holes on the mould walls, steam can enter the mould through these holes and make the beads soft and expand. Because of the limit of the mould cavity, the expanded beads are connected and fill in the whole mould and stick together to become a whole piece.

The eps block molding machine is composed of feeding system, heating system, cooling system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and PLC system.

The size of the block molding machine can be different from 2000×1000×500mm to 8000×1200×1000mm or even bigger.Bigger size machine means bigger capacity, so you can choose this according to your requirement.

Even the smallest size of blocks (2000×1000×500mm) can’t be used without cutting. So the manufacturer has to buy a cutting machine to cut the blocks into sheets according to the buyers’ requirement.

Runjie Machinery (Longkou Runjie Machinery Co., Ltd) is a manufacturer of EPS machine and different shape molding machines for over 18 years.

Our advantage is that we not only make the machines, but also make the products, so we have rich experience in this field.

Our machines are mainly used for packing and construction purposes. Most of our products are green and environment friendly, some of our customers using our machines even gained national rewards for their products.