EPS Concrete wall panel production line

China best EPS Concrete wall panel production line

EPS concrete wall panel production line is to make a new type of green building material—EPS concrete wall panel, which is a kind of lightweight non-load bearing wall material.

It uses a thin fiber cement board or calcium silicate board as face panel and uses cement, flies ash, eps beads as a core.

eps pre-e×panderPSF-1400
steam boiler1 ton
steam accumulator10 m3
cement silo100 tons
screw conveyorΦ219×10m
sand elevator8m high
cement measuring systemautomatic
sand measuring systemautomatic
eps measuring system
water & additive measuring systemautomatic
air compressor2 m3
mixer4.5 m3
mixing stationcustomized
rail-transfer system
panel molding machine40pcs for 100mm thickness
aluminum alloy molds
Control systemPLC (Siemens)

Our EPS concrete wall panel production line has advantages over others as the following:

Large mixer

Our mixer is specially designed for this line. It is a large capacity, 4.5m3. One mixer is enough for 20 sets of molds.

Movable molds

The molds are equipped with rechargeable batteries. So we can drive the molds like driving a car. It is much easier and safer than using a pulling car.

Two kinds of panels to choose

To reduce the production cost, we designed a kind of molds that can make panels without a face. For higher strength, we use wire mesh inside the panels.

EPS concrete wall panel production line is to make a new type of green building material—EPS concrete wall panel.

The wall panels have advantages of a lightweight, high strength, impact resistance, high hanging strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire-resistant, waterproof, easy cutting and grooving, fast installation, etc.

They can be widely used as external walls, partitions for various types of buildings.

Install the molding car:

Feeding, measuring and mixing:

Fill the molding car:

De-molding the panels:

No, this kind of panels can be used as partitions only or be used with steel structure together.

Runjie Machinery (Longkou Runjie Machinery Co., Ltd) is a manufacturer of EPS machines and different shape molding machines for over 18 years.

Our advantage is that we not only make the machines but also make the products, so we have rich experience in this field.

Our machines are mainly used for packing and construction purposes. Most of our products are green and environment-friendly, some of our customers using our machines even gained national rewards for their products.

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