EPS shape molding machine

EPS shape molding machine

EPS shape molding machine is used to make different kinds of eps products by changing the moulds. The products are widely used for the packaging of instruments, meters, home appliances, handicrafts, ceramics, glassware and other fragile items. They can also be used as building materials such as the well-known icf blocks.


The first step to make eps products is to expand the eps raw material by eps pre-expander. After the EPS material is foamed, dried and matured, the EPS beads are automatically fed into the mold by the machine, and then heated and sintered by steam. After shaping and cooling, the foamed products are automatically pushed out of the mold by the compressed gas and the ejector rod.

Mould Size1400x1200mm1600x1350mm1750x1450mm1800X1600mm2050x1800mm
Max Product Size1200x1000x330mm1400x1100x330mm1550x1250x330mm1610x1400x330mm1850x1600x330mm
Rear Window Size1300x1080mm1450x1150mm1600x1250mm1680x1440mm1920x1640mm
Mould Opening Distance270-1420mm270-1420mm270-1420mm270-1370mm290-1290mm
Steam InletDN80DN80DN80DN100DN125
Cooling Water InletDN80DN80DN80DN80DN80
Compressed Air InletDN65DN65DN65DN65DN65
Vacuum pump capacity230³/h280³/h280³/h280³/h280³/h
Compressed Air Consumption1.8m³/cycle2m³/cycle2m³/cycle2.2m³/cycle2.5m³/cycle
Cooling Water Consumption50-150kg/cycle55-180kg/cycle60-190kg/cycle80-200kg/cycle90-210kg/cycle
Cycle Time60-150 seconds100-180 seconds100-180 seconds120-190 seconds130-210 seconds
Installed Power14.1kW16.1kW16.1kW19.6kW19.6kW
Overall Weight5000kg5800kg6200kg6500kg7000kg

The EPS shape molding machine mainframe structure is welded passed aging treatment, the four-column horizontal layout is stable and reliable.

The main components of the machine are selected from international famous brand products, which form a superior machine-electric-liquid-pneumatic integrated system, which makes the machine action reliable, low energy consumption, long life and high production efficiency.

  • The machine is controlled by programmable controller (PLC). The touchable human-machine interface can be used to set and select time parameters and process parameters according to the requirements of different products. For the convenience of the user, the time setting which does not need to be adjusted is set before the machine leaves our factory. If it needs to be modified, it can be done by the programmer.
  • The machine adopts pressure heating control mode. The heating system adopts balance valve auxiliary control to effectively adjust the steam pressure at the steam valve outlet, and realizes different outlet pressures controlled by different heating periods in a specific manner, thereby increasing the products’ stability. Users can make adjustments as needed.
  • The movement is driven by hydraulic system, with differential circuit and stable operation.
  • The machine is equipped with a pressure feeding system, which can select the method of pressure and pressure feeding according to the process, so that the mold can be fed sufficiently, and the defective products caused by insufficient feeding can be reduced.
  • The steam, compressed air, cooling water and vacuum drain lines of the machine are distributed on the top and bottom of the machine respectively. Different colors are used for maintenance. The compressed air line is a rectangular tube above the template, which is generally the same color as the machine.
  • The machine uses a rotary encoder to detect the distance between the machine’s movable mold and the fixed mold, convert the distance into digital, and display it on the touch screen. When adjusting the machine feed gap and other positions, simply adjust the corresponding data on the touch screen.
  • The system has a comprehensive fault detection function. For example: the safety of the machine, the overload of the motor, etc., the method of fault handling is provided online.
  • The machine is equipped with a variety of safety devices:

    A. Motor overload is protected by thermal relay.

    B. The safety door is closed with proximity switch protection.

    C. The motor fails, the computer automatically turns off, and the alarm light turns on.

    D. When the pressure inside the mold is too high, the electric contact pressure gauge is used for protection.

Eps shape molding machine is to make different eps products such as eps box for fish or vegetables, electronic packing for TV, refrigerator, computer etc.

Packing for different products

Building materials for construction

EPS lost foam products

EPS shape molding machine is used to make eps beads into different shapes of eps products by using different moulds.

After the expander expands the eps material, the expanded beads have to stay in the silo for some time. Then they can be put into the eps shape molding machine.

The machine has one mould made according to the product shape. There are a lot of air holes on the mould walls, steam can enter the mould through these holes and make the beads soft and expand.

Because of the limit of the mould cavity, the expanded beads are connected and fill in the whole mould and stick together to become a whole piece and form the shapes.

The eps shape molding machine can make many different shapes of eps products as long as you change the mould.

Runjie Machinery (Longkou Runjie Machinery Co., Ltd) is a manufacturer of EPS machines and different shape molding machines for over 18 years.

Our advantage is that we not only make the machines but also make the products, so we have rich experience in this field.

Our machines are mainly used for packing and construction purposes. Most of our products are green and environment-friendly, some of our customers using our machines even gained national rewards for their products.

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