Flat Cable/0.75-10mm²/2-3 core

Flat Cable/0.75-10mm²/2-3 core

Flat cable is suitable for electrical appliances, instruments, and telecommunications equipment with a rated voltage not exceeding 300 / 500V.

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  • Product Origin: Henan, China
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Insulation colorRed, Blue, Yellow/Green or as request
SheathPVC Compound
Sheath colorWhite, Black
ConductorCopper or aluminum
Temperature Range-30 – +70 ℃
Nominal Voltage300/500V
StandardGB / T12706.2-2008

Structure of Flat Cable

Structure and compositionThe basic structure of the product includes a cable core (conductor), an insulation layer and a sheath layer. The structure is flat.
Cable conductorMainly copper or aluminum conductors, including:
Class 1/2 bare copper conductor (solid),
Class 1/2 bare aluminum conductor (solid)
The cable conductor is an integral part of the cable.
InsulationThe insulation layer is used to electrically isolate different conductors from each other to ensure the transmission of electrical energy and power. It is a component inside the cable that protects the power cable structure.
The main material is PVC.
Sheath layerThe function of the sheath layer is to protect the power cord from foreign impurities and moisture and prevent the power cord from directly damaging the power cord.
The main material is PVC.


What is flat cable?

Flat cable is a kind of cable made of copper wire as a conductor and covered with PVC insulation and PVC sheath.
Flat cable is flat compared to fixed wiring cable.

What is the flat cable used for?

Electrical connection, home decoration installation,Construction site laying.