Flexible Rubber Cable

Flexible Rubber Cable/ below 450 / 750V

Rubber sheathed cable is suitable for connection of various electrical appliances, power tools and mobile electrical equipment (including household appliances, power tools, and various mobile electrical equipment or light mobile electrical equipment, or for temporary construction on the construction site, can withstand large Mechanical external force.) Among them, light rubber sheathed flexible cable (YQ / YQW) is suitable for 300 / 300V, medium rubber sheathed flexible cable (YA / YZW) is suitable for 300 / 500V, medium-sized rubber sheathed flat flexible cable (YZB / YZWB) ) Suitable for 300 / 500V, heavy-duty rubber sheathed flexible cable (YC / YCW) suitable for 450 / 750V.

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NameFlexible rubber cable
ConductorStranded Copper Conductor of Class 5/6 (Flexible)
InsulationRubber Compound
Insulation ColorRed, Blue, Grey, Yellow/Green or as request
SheathRubber Compound
Sheath ColorBlack
Nominal VoltageYQ/YQW(300V)
StandardIEC 60332

Structure of Heavy Rubber Sheathed Cable

Structure and compositionThe basic structure of the product includes a cable core (conductor) and an insulation layer.
Cable conductorMainly copper conductor, transmitting power
Stranded Copper Conductor of Class 5 (Flexible)
The cable conductor is an integral part of the cable.
Insulation sheathThe main material is rubber

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What is Heavy rubber sheathed cable?

Rubber sheathed cable is a kind of flexible and movable cable made of multiple strands of fine copper wire as a conductor and covered with rubber insulation and rubber sheath.

What is Heavy rubber sheathed cable used for?

Rubber-sheathed cables are widely used in various electrical equipment, such as mobile power cords for household appliances, electric machinery, electrical equipment and appliances, and can be used in indoor or outdoor environmental conditions.