Flexible/Soft Power Cable

Flexible/Soft Power Cable/4-800mm²/600 – 1000 V

Flexible power cables are mainly used in power transmission and distribution lines.

Flexible power cable A cable used to transmit and distribute electrical energy. Commonly used in urban underground power grids, outlets of power stations, and the internal power supply of industrial and mining enterprises.
China Model: VVR/YJVR

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ConductorBare Copper Conductor of Class 5 (Flexible)
Core Number 1-5(1/2/3/4/5/3+1/3+2/4+1)
InsulationPVC/XLPE Compound
Insulation ColorRed, Blue, Grey, Yellow/Green or as request
SheathPVC Compound
Sheath ColorBlack
Temperature RangeVVR(-20~+90℃)
Nominal Voltage600 – 1000  V
StandardGB / T12706.2-2008

Structure of Soft Power Cable

Structure and compositionThe basic structure of the product includes the cable core (conductor), insulation and sheath
Cable conductorMainly copper or aluminum conductors, including:
Stranded Copper Conductor of Class 5 (Flexible)
The cable conductor is an integral part of the cable.
InsulationThe insulation layer is used to electrically isolate different conductors from each other to ensure the transmission of electrical energy and power. It is a component inside the cable that protects the power cable structure.
The main material is PVC or XLPE
Sheath layerThe function of the sheath layer is to protect the power cord from foreign impurities and moisture and prevent the power cord from directly damaging the power cord.
The main material is PVC


What is Flexible power cable?

The soft power cable is a kind of flexible cable made of multiple strands of fine copper wire as a conductor and covered with PVC or XLPE insulation and PVC sheath.
Compared with ordinary power cables, it is more flexible and easy to install.

What is Flexible power cable used for?

Soft power cables are often used in urban underground power grids, power station outlets, internal power supply for industrial and mining enterprises, and under-sea water transmission lines.