Float Collar & Shoe

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The cement float collar & shoe offer dependable performance for all classes of oil and gas wells.
The plunger-type valves prevent cement backflow, provide casing buoyancy during the run-in, and act as internal bops during the process of running and cementing the casing.
Our float collar & shoe sizes range from 5 1/2” – 30” with float ball, stab in, non-rotating, spring and single/double valve types.
Products in our factory are all manufactured to API standard, with strict quality control and inspection.


Float Collar

Specification(in)O.D.(mm)Total length(mm)I.D. (mm)Min.Dia. (mm)Conn TypeAffordable strength of back-pressure(Mpa)
5141.3500110505 BCSG35
5 1/2153.67530112555 1/2BCSG35
7194.46586162.5777 BCSG35
9 5/8270720225779 5/8 BCSG35
13 3/836572031977133/8 BCSG35
20533.47204757720 BCSG35

Float Shoe

Specification(in)O.D.(mm)Total length(mm)I.D. (mm)Min.Dia. (mm)Conn TypeAffordable strength of b
5140.3495110505 BCSG35
5 1/2153.67514122555 1/2 BCSG35
7194.46533162.5777 BCSG35
9 5/8269.88550225779 5/8 BCSG35
13 3/8339.755031977133/8 BCSG35
205346524757720 BCSG35
  • The Aluminum Alloys used in this product are PDC Drillable.
  • Available in 5 1/2” to 20” sizes. Customized sizes are also available.
  • Applications:In all applications ranging from close tolerance liners to full casing strings.
  • Standard float shoe is provided with round cement nose to deflect offledges or obstructions.
  • Customizable options including nose types, ports/jets, and ball deflector.
  • Can be supplied either in Single Valve or in Double valve.

Floating equipment is generally used in the lower section of the well to help:

  • Reduce strain on the derrick while guiding casing past ledges and slough zones in the hole;
  • Provide a landing point for bottom and top cementing plugs (pumped ahead of and behind the slurry as part of cementing operations);
  • Provide a backpressure valve to prevent cement from flowing back into the inner diameter of the casing after the cement has turned the corner into the annulus and the top plug has been bumped.

What is Float Shoe?

Float Shoe is a rounded profile component attached to the downhole end of a casing string.
contain a back pressure valve that prevents fluids from entering the casing while the pipe is lowered into the hole and prevents cement from flowing back into the casing after placement while enabling circulation down through the casing.

What is Float Collar?

Float Collar is a special coupling device that is placed one to three joints above the guide shoe or float shoe that contains a check valve to permit fluid to pass downward but not upward through the casing.
They provide a seat for the cement plugs, the bottom plug pumped ahead of the cement and the top plug behind the full volume of slurry.
Once seated, the top plug shuts off the fluid flow and prevents over-displacement of the cement.

Float Collar:

Float collar is a component installed near the bottom of the casing string on which cement plugs land during the primary cementing operation.
It contains a check valve to permit fluid to pass downward but not upward through the casing.
The float collar prevents drilling mud from entering the casing while it is being lowered, allowing the casing to float during its descent and thus decreasing the load on the derrick or mast.

Float Shoe:

Float show allows the operator to maintain a constant fluid height inside the casing of a well.
It also contains a check valve to prevent backflow.
It functions similarly to the float collar but also serves as a guide shoe for the casing.

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