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Liner Hanger is a tool/system that is used to hang a liner in production well.
Liner is similar to the casing, but it is not run to the full depth of the well, as casing.
Liner hanger systems could be mechanical or hydraulic, premium or standard, rotating or non-rotating, conventional or expandable and pocket slip.

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PaymentT/T,L/C, Western Union ,Paypal
Product OriginShandong, China
Shipping PortQingdao/Tianjin
Lead Time15-35 days after payment received or as per quantity
The size of the liner hanger
13-3/8”*9-5/8” (339.7mm*244.5mm) 
9-5/8”*7” (244.5mm*177.8mm) 
9-5/8”*5-1/2” (244.5*139.7mm) 
7”*5” (177.8mm*127mm) 
7”*4/1/2” (177.8mm*114.3mm) 
5-1/2”*4” (139.7mm*101.6mm) 
5-1/2”*3-1/2” (139.7mm*88.9mm) 
The Types of liner hanger
DYX-A Hydraulic Liner Hanger ( Single Cone and Single row slips Structure)
SYX-A Hydraulic Liner Hanger Double Cone and Double row slips Structure)
SSX-A Hydraulic Liner Hanger Double Cone, Double Cylinder and Double row slips structure)
XGS-A Hydraulic Liner Hanger(Single Cone and Single row slips Structure)
A Mechanical Liner Hanger(Single Cone and Single Row Slips Mechanical Structure)
SYX-AF Liner Hanger with Packer( Comprised Liner Hanger and Packer)

Part Specification

Specification, mmΦ244.5 X Φ177.8mm/139.7mmΦ339.7mm X Φ244.5mm
Rated Load, t160240
Sealing Capacity, MPa2525
Shearing Pressure of Pins in Cylinder, MPa7~87~8
Casing Wall Thickness, mm10.03
Casing Weight, Kg/m59.52
Body Max O.D., mm215308
Body Min I.D., mm155220.5
  • Suitable for casing sidetracking drilling, deepening and workover operation.
  • Unique liquid cylinder design to ensure that the base is more reliable, the liner hanger could be used for different good conditions.
  • Cementing Rubber plug, ball seat is designed with a locking mechanism, the pump pressure can prevent leakage and float.
  • With the proposed sealing core to the wellhead.
  • Reverse button operation is simple, as long as the pressure will be fed into the 3~5 tons of drilling tools, are turning to be an easily inverted button.

A liner top packer is incorporated into a liner hanger to seal liner/casing overlap after setting the liner.
Increased flow area allows a larger flow rate and reduces the possibility of a pre-matured packer setting during RIH and circulation.
A solid expandable mechanism is incorporated into the packer system to hold 10,000 psi differential pressure.
Packer element has a superior capacity to resist acid, alkali, oil and high temperature.
The liner hanger is mainly through the hydraulic transmission to achieve the Liner, which is widely used in the technology of oil and gas well and geothermal well. As one of the liner hanger supplying companies and manufacturers. We can provide liner hanger services abroad and oversea in the oil and gas industry.

What is the structure of the liner hanger system?

Mechanical and hydraulic liner hangers systems are mainly composed of: liner hanger assembly, feeding tool assembly, sealing assembly, ball seat assembly, rubber plug, floating collar, floating shoes, core pipe coupling, and others.

What is the difference between liner and casing?

A casing string that does not extend to the top of the wellbore, but instead is anchored or suspended from inside the bottom of the previous casing string.
There is no difference between the casing joints themselves. To save casing, however, additional tools and risk are involved.

What is the liner hanger using principle?

When running the liner to the designed depth, set the liner hanger, release the setting tools and finish cementing.
After bumping the plug, pull the drill pipe, the claws on the setting tools expand out and act on the upper surface of the polished bore receptacle sleeve, lower down the drill pipe, shear the pins and the rubber sleeves expand to seal the annulus between the upper casing and the poilished bore receptacle.

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