Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

Liquid turbine flow meter

Liquid Turbine Flow is the turbine flow meter suitable for liquid flow rate measurement. Like water flow, Diesel flow. The turbine flow meter is the most popular equipment to measure flow electronically. They offer a wide flow and application rangeability. Turbine Flow Meters are easy to maintain, durable and versatile.

NO.SI-Liquid turbine flow meter 
PaymentT/T, Paypal
Product OriginShaanxi, China
Shipping PortShanghai/Ningbo/Shenzhen
Lead Time3-5 days after payment received
DiameterStandard flow rangeExtended flow rangeConventional endurance pressureSend
MediumNon-corrosive low-velocity liquid without impurity, not suitable for gas/steam
Flange standardGB/T 9119-2010, DIN, ANSI, JIS
OutputPulse, 4-20mA analog output, RS485 (Modbus-RTU protocol), HART
Diameter and installationFlange connection DN15-DN200
Screw connection: DN4-DN50
Loose flange connection: DN4-DN200
Medium temperatureDefault type T1: -20℃~+80℃  (Standard)
High temp. type T2: -20℃~+120℃  (OEM)
High temp. type T3: -20℃~+150℃(OEM)
Operation conditionOperating temperature: -20℃~+60℃
 Related humidity: 5%~90%
Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa
Ingress protectionIP65 or IP68
Explosion-proofExia‖CT4 or Exd‖BT6
  1. Permanent 1” MNPT conduit connection is standard.
  2. The rotor is pitched and pre-calibrated to determine accuracy.
  3. End Connections available as a flanged, threaded, grooved, EZ-IN® and WECO® 1502.
  4. Flow Vanes increase performance at low rates.
  5. Flow Vane Hub supports rotor assembly.
  6. Rotor Shaft, Bearings and Thrust Ball are made of tungsten carbide for long service without lubrication other than by the process liquid.
  7. Retaining Rings make disassembly easy.
  8. Flow Meter Body is sturdy, one-piece construction, precision finished.

Good Repeatability

Repeatability of the product could reach 0.05%~0.2% in the short term. It is this advantage in repeatability that makes the product a good choice in trading measurement.

High-Pressure Resistance and Low-Pressure Drop

Suitable for high-pressure measurement. Since there is no opening on the housing of the product, it could be used as a high-pressure instrument. It is also perfect for chemical injection systems, as it withstands pressures up to 20,000 psi and is available in a variety of flow ranges (0.08 to 32 gallons/minute). High-pressure type liquid turbine flowmeter is a special high-pressure flowmeter, which is designed for high-pressure fluid industry, such as hydraulic equipment, engineering machinery, chemical industry, etc.

High Accuracy

The accuracy of the turbine flowmeter is around (0.5-0. 1)%. In the linear flow range, even if the flow changes, the cumulative flow accuracy will not decrease. And in a short time, the reproducibility of the turbine flowmeter can reach 0.05%.

Disposal Wells

Produced water from wells goes into the pit or is stored in tanks on-site from where it is piped or trucked to the disposal well site, stored in a tank and injected underground for permanent storage using high-pressure pumps. Final disposal must be in accordance with environmental regulations. Turbine flow meters often measure produced water.

Chemical Injection

Petroleum producers require reliable and accurate mass dosing for downhole, pipeline, and oil and water treatment to minimize chemical usage and maximize effectiveness. Turbine flow meters are used to meter liquid and gas additives.

  • Refined oil, light crude oil, gasoline, light oil, jet fuel, light diesel oil, naphtha, ethylene, etc.
  • Lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, etc.
  • Water, pure water, distilled water, deionized water, desalinated water, demineralized water, etc.
  • Alcohol, benzene, toluene, xylene, butadiene, carbon tetrachloride, methylamine, acrylonitrile, etc.
  • Formaldehyde, citric acid, caustic soda, carbon disulfide, etc.
  • Milk, coffee, etc.
  • High-temperature media such as heat transfer oil and hot kerosene>Methanol/Alcohol
What is a turbine flow meter?

A turbine flow meter is a liquid/gas velocity measurement device. The turbine flow meter contains a free-spinning turbine rotor that turns at a speed that is proportional to the flow velocity.

What is a turbine flow meter’s principle of operation?

Turbine flow meters utilize the Pelton turbine wheel concept, which uses a miniature turbine wheel supported on a very small sapphire shaft held in position by two sapphire bearings. Because the wheel and shaft are extremely lightweight, the turbine wheel virtually floats in the liquid passing through, relieving the force on the shaft and bearings and eliminating wear.

How does a turbine water meter work?

Turbine flowmeters are speed flowmeters, also known as impeller flowmeters.
The impeller type flow meter calculates the volumetric flow rate of the fluid passing through the pipe, by measuring the rotational speed of the impeller, using the rotational angular velocity of the impeller, placed in the fluid in proportion to the fluid flow rate.
The turbine flowmeter is one of the more mature high-accuracy instruments in flow meters.

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