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Plastic cosmetic packaging is used for cosmetic, personal care and skin care product, including bottles, jars, and soft tubes.

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Cosmetic soft tubesCustom any sizePERound or flatglossyflip top cap, screw cap, long tip top
lotion bottles30ml, 150ml, 1000mlHDPEBoston roundOpaque, matteLong mouth screw cap and silicone plug
Cosmetic packaging bottles(disc cap)150ml, 220mlHDPEflatOpaque, matteFlip-top cap, disc cap
Cosmetic packaging bottles(flip top)120ml, 180ml, 250mlPETCosmo roundclear, glossyDisc cap, flip top cap, plain cap
Creams and Gels bottles250ml/8ozHDPERound, wide mouthclear, glossyScrewcap with inner plug


The capacity of the cosmetic package is varied to facilitate the consumer’s choice. For high-end cosmetics, small volume packaging for sample cosmetics is indispensable. Young girls are used to trying a small amount of cosmetics before buying large bottles. So 20ml bottles, 20ml jars, and 8ml soft tube are very popular.

Plastic cosmetic packaging is more popular

Due to the inherent shortcomings of glass bottles, for general cosmetics packaging design, if plastic materials can be used instead of glass materials, plastic packaging will usually be selected, and the plastic bottle design tends to be diversified, more cosmetics merchants will choose plastic packaging in the future.

Personalized and beautiful

Compared with other product packaging, cosmetic packaging has higher requirements on personalization, appearance, and quality. It must express the aesthetic taste of the target consumption group, and meet the aesthetic cognition of the public, then probably can be better promoted. So the cosmetic packaging is more refined and elegant in the whole, the color is more beautiful, and the design of logo and text is more artistic.

Serialization of Cosmetics Packaging

In brief, a series of cosmetics packaging is composed of two or more cosmetics packaging with the same or similar elements. The same series of cosmetics packaging designs, both diversified, but also have a sense of integration. In the practical application of cosmetic packaging, there are two cases:

  • Cosmetics of the same brand with different functions, such as cream, facial cleanser, lotion. The pink color is their common element.
  • Cosmetics with the same function of the same brand, such as lotion bottles with different capacities. This series has a similar bottle shape and the same material, same color, same logo design, etc. It is generally divided into the small samples and normal package, which is convenient for the consumer to select.

A variety of caps

Because of the diversified use of cosmetics, cosmetics packaging should design the structure and lid of packaging bottles, so that they are easy to hold, access and carry, so different cosmetics packaging should be matched with specific covers to achieve specific functions. Common cosmetic packaging is provided with a fine mist spray, trigger spray, pump, flip top cap, disc cap, small tip top and plain screw cap.

Cosmetics packaging is a kind of packaging container, which is used for packaging cosmetics, personal care products and beauty skincare products, including cosmetic bottle, cosmetic jar, and cosmetic soft tube. Unique and personalized cosmetics packaging can increase the added value of the original products, improve competitiveness in the fierce cosmetics market, so that enterprises can obtain rich profits.

The cosmetic packaging has the functions of protecting and beautifying cosmetics, facilitating the transportation, conveying the information, promoting and convenient to use and so on. At the same time, it has the dual value of practice and appreciation, especially the beautifying effect, and even some cosmetic packaging itself is a good work of art.

According to the nature and function of the cosmetic, our cosmetic packaging is applied to these products:

Personal care packaging

Cosmetic soft tubes are our main personal care packaging, featured by soft and squeezable. They are made of PE material, shaped in round or flat, suitable for facial cleanser and facial scrub with flip top cap, for lip gloss with oblique mouth, for toothpaste with plain screw cap, for eyedrop with tip cap and for hand cream or foot cream.

They are light, easy to carry, very perfect for personal care packaging. We can customize any capacity from 5 ml to 500 ml and print your fancy LOGO on it as you need.

Lotion & skincare packaging

Cosmetic packaging bottles are suitable for all kinds of lotion that is low-viscosity, high-water-content and application to the skin. We use cosmetic bottles with fine mist sprayers to pack liquid perfume, dew, and makeup water, and semi-liquid lotions are packaged in flip top bottles or disc cap bottles, such as massage oil, moisturizer, sunscreen, body cream, tanning oil. A good lotion packaging bottle will make your product unique and brand.

Cream & gel packaging

In contrast to lotion, creams and gels have higher viscosity, typically due to lower water content. Therefore, wide mouth and shallow bottom jar is the most suitable packaging for them, you can access the cream with your hands directly and apply them to your skin. This 8 oz HDPE jar suitable for face cream, foundation cream, talcum powder, bath powder, hand cream, foot cream, body cream, aloes gel, hair oil, pomade, even ointment.

What kinds of cosmetic packaging do you offer?

Zhenghao offers a wide range of plastic cosmetic packaging, including cosmetic bottles, cream jar containers, and cosmetic soft tubes. Our cosmetic bottle and jar are made of PET, HDPE or PP material, soft tube is PE material.

What the cosmetic packaging is used for?

For personal care and cosmetic industry, any skincare products, bath products, beauty products.

Do you custom special cosmetic packaging?

Yes! In fact, cosmetic packaging is far more than that of my examples. If you need a unique package for your cosmetics, or your ideas need to be realized perfectly, please contact us, Zhenghao will offer you the best solution to your design idea.

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