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Best Plastic Shampoo Bottles in China

Shampoo bottle is a kind of packaging container for shampoo, shower gel, hair conditioner, and other bath products.

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ProductMaterialSizeShapeFinishclosure type
Cosmo round shampoo bottle with disc capPET250mlCosmo roundAmber, glossyDisc cap
HDPE boston round shampoo bottlesHDPE500ml, 1000mlBoston roundBlack, mattShampoo pump
HDPE squeeze shampoo bottleHDPE500mlflatblack, mattFlip-top cap
Mini travel use shampoo bottleHDPE40mlflatWhite, mattpush-and-pull cap
PET baby shampoo bottlePET500mlflatBlack, glossypump
shampoo container with handleHDPE600ml, 2 literflatWhite, mattLock-down pump
PET boston round shampoo bottlesPET250ml, 500mlBoston roundBlack, glossyShampoo pump
square shampoo bottlesHDPE250ml,500ml,1000mlSquare, rectangleWhite, mattLotion pump

Variety of designs

Zhenghao owns a variety of shampoo packaging designs, which differ from shape, material and size. Square, round or flat shape, PET or HDPE material, a wide range of size from 30ml to 1 liter.


For pump shampoo bottle, its accurate dispensing lock-down pump prevents mess and spills. For those shampoo bottles with disc cap or flip top cap, their lid can be closed well after use.


Shampoo bottle can be a perfect container for shower gel, body wash, hair conditioner, lotion, hand soap, etc. There is a variety of dispensing options including pumps, disc cap and flip top cap for working better with your use.

Reusable and recyclable

Our shampoo bottles are made of PET or HDPE material, recycle symbol #1 and #2. They are refillable, reusable and recyclable, so don’t throw away a shampoo bottle that has been used once. After cleaning it, you can continue using it to pack other liquids, or look for online tips and DIY it into other packaging containers with the help of tools. Finally when they are really not needed, you can send it to a professional recycling organization.

For shampoo packaging

Disc cap shampoo bottle is a popular item with the buyer on Amazon. This 8 oz amber shampoo bottle easily dispense shampoo liquid, just use your finger press disc lid, you will get the right amount. The amber color provides protection from harmful UV rays, and your product will look beautiful in this bottle.

500ml and 1000ml black pump bottles are the good shampoo packaging. They look great after printing logo on it, as the colored patterns and characters are particularly prominent against the black background. The pump dispenser is convenient to get the shampoo, 500 ml and 1 liter is a home pack, and with popular boston round shape. These make our clients like them so much.

Squeeze shampoo bottle is also great shampoo packaging, which is adopted by many well-known shampoo brands. This 500ml squeeze HDPE bottle has beautiful line, and when they are affixed with carefully designed stickers, they look so elegant that will be chosen by many consumers.

For travel use

A shampoo bottle is also a perfect travel bottle when you find it like this bottle below. If you travel or go out a lot, a set of small travel bottles is very useful to you. This 40ml small squeeze bottle not only can be used for shampoo, but also for personal care products such as body wash, hair conditioner, facial cleanser and body cream. When going out every time, they are perfect travel helper, convenient, dispenser and don’t take up so much space.

For baby shampoo

The packaging for children’s products is always lovely. Print some cartoon characters or animal patterns on this bottle, and customize its colors to bright and lively green, blue and pink. This is a cute and interesting baby shampoo bottle.

For body wash

This 600ml and 2 liter HDPE bottles are also suitable for home-packed body wash. If you think 600ml is not enough, then 2 liter will certainly satisfy you. According to some articles, 2 liters of bath lotion can be used by a family for three months to six months.

For hand wash

Shampoo bottles can also be used to hold hand sanitizer. But the hand sanitizer bottle is generally smaller than the shampoo bottle. Commonly is 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 300ml and 350ml. This 250ml boston round bottle is perfect for hand wash packaging when it is natural clear color.

Do you custom shampoo bottle?

Yes! We provide OEM service, including making bottle mold, making samples and printing LOGO. We have developed a series of square shampoo bottles that are completely different from the round design, which now is widely chosen by our clients.
We have the ability to customize special shampoo packaging design, here is a unique women-shaped design for your reference, which customized by us for our client.

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