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A spray bottle is a bottle that can squirt, spray or mist fluids. A common use for spray bottles is dispensing cool cleaners, cosmetics, and chemical specialties.

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PictureMaterialSizeShapeFinishSpray type
Mist spray bottlesPET30ml, 60ml, 180ml, 250mlBoston roundglossyFine mist spray
HDPE spray bottleHDPE120mlCylinder roundpink, mattFine mist spray
Hair oil bottle with mini trigger sprayHDPE500mlCosmo roundblack, mattMini trigger spray
PET fine mist spray bottlePET120mlCylinder roundPET, black, whiteFine mist spray
Boston round cleaning spray bottleHDPE1 literBoston roundBlack, mattSpray gun
Ear wax cleaning spray bottlePETcustomroundClear, glossySpecial spray system
Black trigger spray bottleHDPE1 literabnormal shapeBlack, mattTrigger spray

Various designs

Generally speaking, the bottles that can form spray are called spray bottles, so there are various designs of spray bottles. They differ in material, size, closure, and shape, widely used in cosmetic packaging, chemicals and cleaning products.

Widely used

Spray bottles are not limited to a certain industry but are widely used in our daily life. Usually, small spray bottles are used for cosmetic packaging, and big spray bottles are most suitable for chemical and cleaning products.

Very flexible

What makes it a spray bottle is its closure. When you remove a sprayer from a bottle, it’s a common empty bottle. In turn, when you put an empty bottle with a suitable sprayer, it becomes a spray bottle. They are so flexible that you can create a variety of spray bottles in your own way. For example, your 30ml shampoo bottle can become a small perfume bottle. The travel bottle set sold on the market is usually also match different closures.

All kinds of spray head

The key to the function of the spray bottle is its spray head, and the different spray bottles are also due to the different spray head. Common spray head is fine mist spray, mini trigger spray, spray gun. Select the correct spray head to make the spray bottle work better.

Spray bottles are suitable for cosmetic packaging, chemicals and cleaning products. But different designs are used differently. Make them pack anything of your own homemade fluids.

For cosmetic spray

Fine mist spray bottle comes with small mist sprayer. The water mist it spurts is very fine, as if it had been vaporized. So it is perfect for face spray and perfume.

The bottle makes the face spray more fine and evenly distributed on the skin surface, which helps the skin absorb moisture, also saves the step of wiping by your hands. For perfume, it increases the contact surface between perfume and air, so it can maintain aroma for a long time.

Some spray bottles can be matched with this outer cover, which not only beautifies the whole packaging, but also acts as a seal to better protect the liquid inside.

Mini trigger spray bottle is also used in cosmetic packaging. This mini trigger sprayer can spray more fine mist at one time than a fine mist spray bottle. It is usually used in body spray, hair spray or other skincare spray with more than 120ml of bottles.

For cleanser

In addition to personal care products, the spray bottle is also widely used in cleaning solutions, for household, kitchen, garden, chemical industry and other industries. Our multi-purpose spray bottles have excellent chemical compatibility. Use the small 120ml PET spray bottle for lens cleaning solution, air freshener, mosquito repellent. And the 1 liter trigger spray bottle will be perfect packaging for detergent, glass cleaner, plant sprayer, car care products, bleach, decontamination agent and more chemical solutions.

For special purposes

The ear wax cleaning spray bottle is unique to our factory. It is a quick, effective treatment for excess ear wax buildup that can be done in-home.

In addition to the empty spray bottle, we have developed a complete set of earwax cleaning system, generally including bottles, spray, tips, basin, towel, ear curette, syringe, etc.

They are easy to use – fill the bottle with an ear cleaning solution, twist on a disposable tip, and squeeze the trigger handle to spray the solution into the ear canal.

What spray bottles do you offer?

We produce almost all types of spray bottles in plastic material. PET and HDPE spray bottles are the main products.

Do you custom spray bottles?

Yes! We custom special design base on your idea. This special shape spray bottle is a good example. Send your own design to us, our engineer will offer you the best solution.

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