Low-Price Sky Tube Hanging Banner (Square)

Low-Price / Customizable / Fast Delivery

Sky Tube Hanging Banner is an easy tube tension fabric display. It is used to show your company and products in trade shows or in shops, it is easy to be found, to attract more customers to get into your booth or shop.

  • Hardware Price: USD $105 – $322
  • Structure: Aluminum
  • Graphic: Tension fabric
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal
  • Delivery: 1 – 7 days
  • MOQ: 1 Piece

Specifications & Pricelist

SizeWidth (cm)Height (cm)Hardware PriceSingle Side DesignDouble Side Design
120080$105 – $322$112 – $528$151 – $708
6Customize Size GET A QUOTE


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sky tube hanging banner?

The sky tube hanging banner is composed of aluminum tube and tension fabric, show your company or product information 360 degrees. It is hanging from upside, will draw attention from any sides.

Is it difficult to assemble?

It is very easy to assemble, just follow the instruction. No tools needed.

How heavy is this banner?

The weight of the banner will depend on the size you order. All weights vary depending on actual size.

for example 200×80 (cm) sky tube banner with the texture is 13kg (28.6lbs)

Can I have a different graphic on each side?

Yes, you could send us your requirements or let us design it for you.

However, the price will be slightly different, feel free to contact us to get the actual quote.

How long will it take to deliver if we order a textured print?

Normally it will take 1 to 7 days.

Also, it depends on the shipping mode you choose and the quantity you order.

Sky Tube Hanging Banner Assembly Instructions (*no tools required)

You could download the instruction PDF here.

  1. Connect the frame

    Connect the frame together, make sure the stickers are matching up.

  2. Finish the circle/square

    Two circle/square rings are needed to finish.Finish the circle/square

  3. Connect the supporting frame

    Connect two rings by using the supporting frame, make sure the stickers are matching up.Connect the support frame

  4. Use the fabric to cover the frame

    Put the frame on top of the fabric, and cover the frame and zip up the fabric on the top. Please make sure is hanging screw holes are not covered by the fabric.Use the fabric to cover the frame

  5. Set the hanging rings

    Screw the hanging rings to the frame, and pull the cable through the hanging ring.Set the hanging rings

  6. Connect all cables

    Connect all cables to a hook, and you are ready to hang it.Connect all cables